Nothing can stop us but us

As I am writing this post, the world is full of uncertainty and anxiety due to the COVID19 outbreak. Most of us at home way more than with want to be, alone more than we want to be or with other members of our tribe more than we prefer. Nobody can control a pandemic, at least not in the early stages but what we can control is ourselves and what we feed our minds and bodies. While it might feel necessary to consume every bit of news and mentally churn out the possibilities doing that does you no good. At least not in the long run. Too much information can riddle you with anxiety and too much anxiety can lead to a breakdown in your immune system. So how do we support ourselves through this? By nurturing your body and being kind to your mind. Start your day with physical activity that leaves you feeling good and a way to feel grateful whether that be through meditation, prayer of making a list of your blessings. Life will throw curveballs our way, that's the nature of living no matter who you are. However we can temper the challenges with controlling what we can including ourselves.

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